What is an Aerobic Septic System?

aerobic septic system South CarolinaWhat is an aerobic septic system? It is a sewerage treatment system which is employed in the small-scale treatment of effluents in homes. It is commonly applied in rural homes where access to public sewers is a problem. Just like the name suggests, the treatment system uses aerobic process during the effluent digestion. It is a bit different from the anaerobic process which is applied in septic tanks. The method can be implemented in a small group of homes or even in a single residence.

The aerobic septic system produces high-quality secondary effluent. The secondary effluent can be sterilized for application in surface irrigation projects. It allows greater flexibility when it comes to placement of leach field. The system can as well cut the size of leach field significantly. The aerobic system comprises of different phases. Some of the phases include the following:

Pre-treatment stage

The stage removes solid particles from the wastewater. It is an essential stage which removes particles which cannot get digested aerobically.

Aeration stage

It is a stage where aerobic bacteria digest the waste biologically. They break the wastes down into simple particles which are less harmful.

Settling stage

The stage allows settling of undigested solids in the system. It leads to the formation of sludge which should be removed periodically from the system. You should put plans in place to remove the sludge so that you can avoid incidences where the sludge will accumulate to an extent where it can affect the operation of the aerobic septic system.

Disinfecting stage

In this step, chlorine or any other disinfectant can be mixed with the waste water. The final result leads to the production of an antiseptic output. The cost of installing the system is reasonably cheap which make many rural homes and small communities prefer the system if public sewerage systems are not available.


6 Stubborn Home and Pet Stains and How To Get Them Off Your Carpet

Cleaning out the carpet can be one of the most tiring, back-breaking and exhausting works around the house. Every stain is persistent, stubbornly refusing to budge and threatening to destroy your décor and your patience all the same time. Carpet cleaning is seldom as simple as it sounds, especially if you’re a mom with young kids. From play dough to baby food, there’s no telling what will land up on your precious rug. Stubborn pet stains are among the worst. Cleaning your carpet can be a difficult job but there are several tips to help make it a bit easier. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a particular kind of stain.So, if you’re looking for some amazing carpet cleaning shortcuts, check out the following.

Cleaning Shortcuts

Ketchup Trouble :
If it’s a stubborn ketchup stain that you’re dealing with, you can use a solution of ammonia ( 1 tablespoon of ammonia in about half a cup of water ) in order to remove the stain. Use the solution to blot away the stain and then clean up with a detergent.
Asphalt :
Use a small paring knife to scrape away the material if you can. You can then dib a clean muslin cloth in some alcohol and use gentle dabbing motions to blot away the stain. Avoid rubbing the alcohol into the fibers as that may damage them.
Wait till the clay dries and stiffens. You can then use a bristle brush to remove it. For any remaining residue, try using a damp towel over the stain. If nothing works, you may have to use a cleaning solution.
Candle Wax :
Try placing a terry cloth towel on top of the wax and use an iron (in the highest setting) to press down on the towel. The heat will melt the wax and transfer it to the towel. If there is residual wax, you can then use a blow dryer, set on medium to remove it. Avoid rubbing and use gentle blotting motions to clean away the wax. You can then use rubbing alcohol or a solution of vinegar and water to wipe away any remaining stain.

Chewing Gum:
Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and place it over the gum to freeze it. Once it’s frozen , you can break it apart using a hammer. The pieces can then be brushed away or vacuumed.

Juice Stains :In case of Juice stains, the faster you get it cleaned, the better. Use a cloth soaked in warm water to blot away most of the stain. For the residual stain, you can use a solution of water and vinegar (1/2 cup of water with 1 cup vinegar). Store it in a bottle and spray it on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes and try blotting with a clean cloth.
It’s always safe to use a mild detergent after using any of these simple tricks. Several branded carpet cleaning solutions are also available commercially so you can try those out too. So, if you’re struggling to get rid of that awful stain, be sure to try these methods and let us know how it worked out.
Remember, the cleaner your carpet is, the healthier your family will be.

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Video Cleaning Tips

How To Remove Pet Stains From Carpet

Many pet owners do not understand how to remove urine stains from carpet properly. So, we are going to go over some of the right ways and some of the wrong ways to remove pet stains. petstainYou see Fido have an accident. You grab your bottle of spot remover. You rush to the spot and start pouring or spraying it on the area. At this point what you are doing is mixing a puddle of urine with spot remover. This is not what you want to do.

If you have pets, then you will eventually have to deal with pet stains. It’s almost inevitable. There are some reasons why your pet can have an accident on your carpet. Maybe you got tied up at work and didn’t make it home on time to let Scruffy out. Or maybe your pet is a bit older and can’t hold it as long as they used to. Whatever reasons there are solutions to help get these spots and stain out of your carpet after they’ve happened. We asked the best carpet cleaning Houston company for advice on how to deal with these problems.

It’s been said over and over and forever, but it remains the most important part of pet stain removal. The faster you can get to the spot the better chance you have of totally removing it. The thing with pet stains is that it is a biological substance. There are some bacteria that are at work and the longer you leave them to their task the worse it will get for you and your carpet.

Now the handiest item for pet stains is a shop vac. The first thing you want to do if you happen to confront a pet mishap is to utilize the shop vac to extract as much of the urine as possible. If your pet went number two, then you plainly want to pick that up with a paper towel rather than vacuum it up.

pet-stain1But extracting the liquid will, for one, make you’re clean up much easier. You will then actually be cleaning up the actual spot rather than a puddle of urine. Otherwise, you are adding whatever cleaning agent you might be using to a puddle, and that is not what you want to do. We want to remove, not add.

After you extract, you may utilize a few different cleaning agents. You might decide on an over the counter spot remover, a mixture of water and a mild soap, or even water and white vinegar. Whichever course you choose the most important point to consider would be to blot the stain.

If the pet stain has been in your carpet for a long period, then you might want to use an enzyme spot remover or a mixture of the water and vinegar.pet-stain2 Apply the solution on the spot and give it time to break down the stain for approximately 20-30 minutes. This will permit the enzymes to digest the bacteria that are creating the odor.

If for any reason you are not confident about a stain feel free to speak to a local carpet cleaning company and talk to them about it. It is much better to be safe than sorry, and you do not want to ruin your carpet by trying something you are not clear on.

Some Of The Most Compelling Reasons Why Labrador Retrievers Are The Most Popular Dogs In The US

BY 2015, the most popular dog breed in the US was the Labrador retriever. This dog breed had, by 2015, maintained the number one position as the most popular dog breed for the last 25 years .This is according to the American Kennel Association in its annual ranking of dog breed popularity for that year. labrador_retriever_9233917

However, the Beagle has been the most consistently popular dog breed since 1935. As a matter of fact; it has never dropped below position 9 since 1935.

What makes the Labrador retriever so popular with Americans?

There are many reasons why Americans love the Labrador retriever. Some of the most compelling include:

-They are very smart hunt small waterfowl for the purpose of hunting small downed waterfowl. However, they are today used to lead the blind, do police and military work, and can also act as hearing dogs.

– They are less expensive to maintain

The Labrador retriever does not require regular trips to the groomers, which can be quite expensive. A few visits to the groomers every year are enough to help maintain its pristine appearance.

-They grow fast very fast

This dog breed grows very fast, reaching 24 inches in one year. If you like a dog that grows fat, the Labrador retriever is your best choice.

– They are very good with kids

This dog breed is sweet and kind and is known to love kids. This means that they are the best dog breed for families with young kids.

-They live for a long time

This dog breed has an average life span of 12 years. You can therefore expect to enjoy your pet for at least 10 years if you take good care of him.

-They are great as watchdogs

Labrador retrievers are wonderful watchdogs. This means that when you own one of these dogs, you will always sleep peacefully. They will always alert you anytime someone tries to break into your home.

-They adapt easily

This breed of dogs can adapt easily to any kind of weather. This means that you need not get worried if you are relocating to a city that has a different kind of weather; your pet will adopt quite easily.

-They don’t do a lot of barking

Some dog breeds are known to bark constantly and can easily irritate you. However, Labrador retrievers only bark occasionally and you can therefore enjoy peaceful moments every time you are home.

-They are big in size

If you love a big dog, you can choose this dog breed because they can grow quite big. In fact the males of this breed can weigh from 65 to 80 pounds, and grow up to 25 inches. On the other hand, females can weigh from 55 to 70 pounds and reach 24 inches.

-They are very friendly

Labrador retrievers are very friendly. They are gentle, loving, and affectionate, and are always ready and willing to become your best friend and companion.

-They cost you less in terms of health care

Health care for this dog breed is relatively lower compared to other large dog breeds such as Great Danes and Rottweiler.

-They are good hunters

This breed is popular with hunters because it is naturally inclined to retrieve game.

-They get along with other dogs

You don’t need to get worried that you pet will behave aggressively towards other dogs. This is because Labrador retrievers are naturally friendly, playful, social, as well as energetic.

These are some of the most compelling reasons why Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the US.







You Need This Article If You Have A Rowdy Pooch

If you have a wild dog, you need to read this!

If your pet is one of those innately loyal canines, after that congratulations, you do not need these tips, yet the majority of pet dogs require a little of training, whether it’s to stop them from being overbearing with complete strangers or ripping up the upholstery. Use these ideas to change your pet dog right into a delighted as well as well-adjusted furry pal.

Train your pet dog by strengthening positive behavior. This does not mean to punish your pet when he does something bad; rather, just do not enhance unfavorable habits. Adverse enforcement may simply make your canine frightened of you. Favorable encouragement will certainly guarantee that your pet will certainly want to do good ideas regularly in order to obtain treats and praise.

Maintain a loose chain when walking a dog. When you are taking your dog for a walk, do not hold the leash tight. This could in fact instruct a dog to draw on the leash, also if they are not already doing so. Pet dogs have a natural counter stress action the very same one made use of by sled canine groups.

Training your pet to “talk” could help remove irritating excessive barking. Pet dogs bark to notify the pack of risks. Considering that they bark by default, it is a smart idea to show them to “speak”, because after that they will certainly understand how to not bark. Beginning by informing your canine to “talk” when it barks at the telephone buzzing. Then, when the pets stops briefly, tell the dog “peaceful”. This will help the dog distinguish a barking state from a non-barking state.

Method strolling your pet dog over to a carpet as well as asking him to rest whenever a doorbell rings. To do this, have a friend or relative ring the buzzer. Overview your canine by his leash to a carpet or area as well as have him sit. Praise him and also offer a treat. Repeating this workout will certainly help him to remain calm as well as appear more respectful when visitors come over.

One tip to bear in mind when training your dog is to ensure that you present it to social atmospheres early as well as frequently. Your dog should realise the best ways to act around other dogs and also humans – this is not something you can educate it otherwise. This will assist to reduce sporadic actions in brand-new atmospheres as well.

Training a canine is easier if the family pet is neutered or made sterile. Unless you are reproducing the pet, taking the hormonal agents out of the equation will significantly calm your animal. Without the constant thrill of hormonal agents, a canine is much more manageable as well as receptive to a leader. This will additionally help control the pet population which is a great deal.

Train your pet to make sure that cohabiting is fun for both you as well as your pet. Coping with a canine must not be a challenge, but it could be if you don’t make the effort to research the kind of training a pet comprehends. A pet does not assume like a human, so learning ways to train in a method they understand will make it much easier for both of you.

Even if your pet dog is very unmanageable right now, do not anguish. Most dogs can be trained with an appropriate strategy and also a little determination. Use the tips you simply review to lessen the difficulty associated with training your dog while making the most of the outcomes at the same time.

How To Choose a New Puppy

In this post I would like to talk about how to go about choosing a puppy. When choosing to take care of any animal you must consider many different things. Having a pet of any kind is a big responsibility for anyone. It’s not like your trying to buy a new car or some new shoes. Your decision will affect a life.doggy Understand that your new pet will need to not only be properly fed and groomed, they will also need lots of love and attention. Once your sure you are ready for a pet consider the following.

  • Do you have small children in the home? If you have small children you may want to get smaller breed of dog. Also consider the energy and temperament of the dog you are choosing. If your not sure where to start for looking for a type of dog, these guys here at PetMD have put together a great list of dogs that are kid and family friendly.
  • Are there already other pets in the Home? If you have other pets in the home, specifically another dog, be careful of the breed of new dog you choose. Try to find a dog that plays well with others. If your new dog is to combative you may have trouble in the household.
  • Are you a workaholic? Having a pet is a big responsibility. You don’t just get it and forget it. They need lots of love and attention. Remember a pet is extension of your family not just a piece of property. If your work schedule is not flexible and you constantly are away from home for long periods of time, you should reconsider getting a pet at this time.
  • Are you a lazy person? Dogs need plenty of exercise. Some much more than others. If your someone that doesn’t like outdoor activities or you don’t have the energy to walk your dog daily. Don’t get a dog that has to much energy or one that can’t play indoors with you. One of the most important things to do is to make sure your pet is happy. Making your pet happy means plenty of exercise.
  • DO you have enough space? If you live in an apartment smaller dogs are best. Try to find one that doesn’t make to much noise so that you don’t upset your neighbors. If you have a larger home and yard, or you have nice parks that are dog friendly you might want something larger.

dogsAt the end of the day the most important thing is that you choose a dog that you will love and enjoy having as part of your family. Good luck and happy hunting!

Mom’s New Dog

So recently my mom decided to get a new dog. The last dog she had was a female doberman pinscher. She was a beautiful dog named Portia. She grew to be pretty large and was always happy. dobbyOriginally she was purchased to be a guard dog, but soon she became much more than that. Portia was hard to train and was full of energy. She was also way to friendly. Because of her size she was an outdoor dog but she tried her best to get inside whenever she could. There was one time when she managed to get in after a heavy rain storm. She tracked mud all over the carpet and all over the furniture. We had to call these cleaning guys to come and take care of the mess she made. Sadly after a little less than ten years Portia got sick with cancer and eventually I had to put her down. To this day that was that saddest day of my life. Portia was more than a pet to us, she was part of the family. She was loved and will always be missed. After this loss it was awhile before my mom decided she was ready for another dog. After well over a year and some convincing from my dad she finally decided she was ready. My mom huskydid some research to find what she would want. She knew she wanted something on the larger side. The dog had to be kid friendly but she also wanted something that would provide protection for the home. They chose to get a Siberian Husky. An odd choice because of the fact that they live in Hawaii. So she looked for a reputable breeder and after she found one she chose the puppy she wanted. She is a great color with a little brown in her coat but mostly white. Her name is Canoli. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea what my mom was thinking when she named her. It’s funny because in many ways the new dog reminds us of Portia. She is full of energy and always happy. Canoli is also very hard to train. She doesn’t listen well and even though she is full grown now, still thinks she is a lap dog. I blame my mom for her behavior. My mom doesn’t really care though because she just enjoys her company. Canoli is great with the kids in the family and loves to play with them. The other day she had a race with my nephew. She whooped his but. Man is she fast. Canoli has easily one the hearts of everyone in the family. And even though she is considered part of the family it’s important to know she wasn’t a replacement dog for Portia. She was just and addition to our home. No matter what Portia will always be loved and missed by us. Portia we will never forget you.