How To Choose a New Puppy

In this post I would like to talk about how to go about choosing a puppy. When choosing to take care of any animal you must consider many different things. Having a pet of any kind is a big responsibility for anyone. It’s not like your trying to buy a new car or some new shoes. Your decision will affect a life.doggy Understand that your new pet will need to not only be properly fed and groomed, they will also need lots of love and attention. Once your sure you are ready for a pet consider the following.

  • Do you have small children in the home? If you have small children you may want to get smaller breed of dog. Also consider the energy and temperament of the dog you are choosing. If your not sure where to start for looking for a type of dog, these guys here at PetMD have put together a great list of dogs that are kid and family friendly.
  • Are there already other pets in the Home? If you have other pets in the home, specifically another dog, be careful of the breed of new dog you choose. Try to find a dog that plays well with others. If your new dog is to combative you may have trouble in the household.
  • Are you a workaholic? Having a pet is a big responsibility. You don’t just get it and forget it. They need lots of love and attention. Remember a pet is extension of your family not just a piece of property. If your work schedule is not flexible and you constantly are away from home for long periods of time, you should reconsider getting a pet at this time.
  • Are you a lazy person? Dogs need plenty of exercise. Some much more than others. If your someone that doesn’t like outdoor activities or you don’t have the energy to walk your dog daily. Don’t get a dog that has to much energy or one that can’t play indoors with you. One of the most important things to do is to make sure your pet is happy. Making your pet happy means plenty of exercise.
  • DO you have enough space? If you live in an apartment smaller dogs are best. Try to find one that doesn’t make to much noise so that you don’t upset your neighbors. If you have a larger home and yard, or you have nice parks that are dog friendly you might want something larger.

dogsAt the end of the day the most important thing is that you choose a dog that you will love and enjoy having as part of your family. Good luck and happy hunting!