Mom’s New Dog

So recently my mom decided to get a new dog. The last dog she had was a female doberman pinscher. She was a beautiful dog named Portia. She grew to be pretty large and was always happy. dobbyOriginally she was purchased to be a guard dog, but soon she became much more than that. Portia was hard to train and was full of energy. She was also way to friendly. Because of her size she was an outdoor dog but she tried her best to get inside whenever she could. There was one time when she managed to get in after a heavy rain storm. She tracked mud all over the carpet and all over the furniture. We had to call these cleaning guys to come and take care of the mess she made. Sadly after a little less than ten years Portia got sick with cancer and eventually I had to put her down. To this day that was that saddest day of my life. Portia was more than a pet to us, she was part of the family. She was loved and will always be missed. After this loss it was awhile before my mom decided she was ready for another dog. After well over a year and some convincing from my dad she finally decided she was ready. My mom huskydid some research to find what she would want. She knew she wanted something on the larger side. The dog had to be kid friendly but she also wanted something that would provide protection for the home. They chose to get a Siberian Husky. An odd choice because of the fact that they live in Hawaii. So she looked for a reputable breeder and after she found one she chose the puppy she wanted. She is a great color with a little brown in her coat but mostly white. Her name is Canoli. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea what my mom was thinking when she named her. It’s funny because in many ways the new dog reminds us of Portia. She is full of energy and always happy. Canoli is also very hard to train. She doesn’t listen well and even though she is full grown now, still thinks she is a lap dog. I blame my mom for her behavior. My mom doesn’t really care though because she just enjoys her company. Canoli is great with the kids in the family and loves to play with them. The other day she had a race with my nephew. She whooped his but. Man is she fast. Canoli has easily one the hearts of everyone in the family. And even though she is considered part of the family it’s important to know she wasn’t a replacement dog for Portia. She was just and addition to our home. No matter what Portia will always be loved and missed by us. Portia we will never forget you.